What is an Academy?

Schools are different from academies. Academies are regulated in a different way. Thus you can expect a higher level of education and overall different experience. There is a different type of structure and system set in place which can be trusted more than the average public school system. You can watch this video to learn more:

Basic Standards for Academies

As a school academy, it is important to always strive for the best. To become a successful institution, taking the school’s educational system seriously to ensure that all students are receiving the education that they need. That is just one part of the picture. It is crucial to ensure buildings and grounds are always well kept and beautiful. The belief that children are our future should be reflected in the appearance of the academy, inside and out. Especially considering that the students are at school 5 days a week for multiple hours. Delivering the proper and best education is crucial in this day and age. Have the best teachers and support staff to guide the students in education and as well as any personal support needs. Many schools overlook many things such as properly vetting any staff that they hire. It should be guaranteed that the teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience.

Many parents are strongly considering sending their children to a highly sought-after academy for the children’s future. Children can receive a great education at private institutes as opposed to public schools because there is a lot more funding and support. Schools should have a mission statement and vision that they surround their educational programs around. The school curriculum should be thoroughly planned out by a full board team. Education is not the only important part of school; extracurricular activities play a huge role in children’s lives. There should be many options available for students from sports, to music, to theater, to arts. All of these factors tie in together to help the students grow up well rounded.

Making sure that the appearance of the building and the grounds are in their best shape is vital. First impressions are important, as they say, that the first impression of anything is made in the first 5 seconds. When someone passes by our institute we want to impressively stand out so that they will want to know more about our high-level academy. Property that has a beautiful appearance from the outside will reflect the academy from the inside. If a school does not take care of their outside appearance, they most likely do not put any effort into their school system. Our maintenance team upkeeps the building to be in tip-top condition 5 days a week. Whenever there are things that need to be repaired or something becomes faulty, we fix it immediately. Our grounds teamwork with a local landscaping company that was contracted to ensure the institute’s grounds look attractive and well kept. To properly enclose the school for safety, we hired a fence company to install a new fence all around our area (you can check out their website here: abilenefenceco.com). We take the safety of the students very seriously to ensure that trespassers are not able to come onto our grounds without permission. It covers the entire grounds and surrounds the buildings and fields. Our lawns and gardens are properly taken care of every day. Our janitorial team is exceptional and keeps the inside of our building flawless and spotless. Another reason to make sure all these factors are being taken care of is for the safety of the children. Following safety protocol, there are fewer risk factors when everything is kept in good order. We want to avoid any possible injuries as much as possible.